Quality Control & Assurance
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The quality Assurance function begins with raw materials testing. It is a continuous part of the production process right through final sealing and preparation for despatch, reflecting the Keystone Quality Policy to market products which are of the highest quality and reliability.

A quality system is implemented in compliance to ISO 9002 requirements. Quality checkpoints are established in all stages with various control procedures. All cables are subject to and must pass all required final tests and specifications prior to release to the customer.

Keystone test procedures have been instituted to conform to the requirement of the customer or to the specification. In order to cope with the volume and accuracy required for the testing programs of external telephone cable, Keystone has installed a fully computerized automatic cable measuring system from one of the most experienced testing equipment manufacturers in the world. In the Power Cable production, all cables must pass the high voltage test stipulated by the International Standard prior shipment.

Due to the specialized nature of testing equipments, all Keystone testing equipments are calibrated periodically and traceable to the international standards.

Keystone's hold 5 International license from the Certification Bodies



品質保證檢定由原料開始檢驗, 繼而在生產過程中實施, 直至產品完成發出, 此段程序, 都由產品反映出啟東公司擁有最佳品質和信任之檢定系統.

現行之檢定系統乃乎合ISO9002之要求檢驗, 跟隨各種不同生產程序, 隨機測試, 並採用不同所需之控制方法.

最後產品必須依據標準要求作全部檢驗合格後, 方能送往客戶.

啟東之檢驗步驟乃依據國際標準或客戶要求而設定的. 為求滿足市內通信纜的嚴格品質檢定及保證客戶的信心, 本公司備有全電腦化的測試系統. 此系統由全球最具權的廠商製造. 而在電力碗電纜生產線上, 均在出廠前進行國際標準之高壓測試.

啟東所有檢驗, 量測與試驗之設備, 均依據國際標準, 定期鑑定及校正

Keystone's hold 5 International license from the Certification Bodies