Company Profile


Keystone was established in Hong Kong in 1969, under its previous name Keystone Industrial Co. Ltd., Keystone's main product lines include copper wire, building wire, low and medium voltage power cable, control cable and telecommunication cable.

Keystone's constant efforts in improving its quality standard and expand its product lines in order to fulfill market requirements.  This led to the formation of a joint venture with Phelps Dodge Corporation (PDC) of America in 1991. Today, Phelps Dodge International Corporation is a subsidiary unit of General Cable Corporation (NYSE:bgc), with its production facilities and sales unit distributed in 19 countries in the Americas, Asia and Africa manufactures and supplies word-class quality products for power, construction, oil and gas, mining, original equipment manufactures, and telecommunications markets around the world.  Keystone has improved its production management and advanced its manufacturing technology.

Currently, Keystone has two factories with a combined area of over 170,000 sq.ft in Hong Kong. In December 1993, Keystone was the first ISO9002 certification issued by British Approval Services for cables (BASEC) in Hong Kong. In early 1994, Keystone expansion a 400,000 square feet production facility in Dongguan, China. In December 1996, Dongguan Keystone has awarded ISO 9002 certification from BASEC, UK, Currently, Keystone Group holds ISO9001's certification from both BASEC, LPCB and UL.  In 2007 Dongguan Keystone obtained ISO14001:2004 Environment Management System Certificate.

Keystone markets its product both locally and overseas. Keystone has the honour of being a qualified cable supplier for public listed companies, such as CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd., Pacific Century Cyber Works (PCCW), as well as the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of Hong Kong Government, the Building Development Department, Hong Kong Housing Authorities and a number of large estate developers and elevator companies.  In 2009 the company manufactured 30kv Rubber winfarm cable successfully.


啟東電線電纜有限公司, 原名啟東實業有限公司,創辦於1969年,主要產品為中低壓電纜, 控制電纜及通信電纜。

為求進一步提高品質要求及擴充產品種類, 本公司已於一九九一年正式與美國菲爾普斯.導奇公司合作。現時菲爾普斯.導奇國際有限公司己成為美國通用線纜公司的附屬公司,擁有分佈于美洲、亞洲和南非等19個國家的生產商和經銷處,為世界等級的優質產品,提供能源、氣油、采礦給原產設備廠商及全球電訊市場。藉著菲爾普斯.導奇公司的技術輔助, 公司不斷提升生產管理和引進高科技技術及先進之生產設備。

目前, 本公司在香港已擁有二間工廠, 面積共達17萬平方。在一九九三年十二月,啟東公司率先榮獲了英國BASEC機構在港頒發的ISO9002認証証書,在一九九四年, 啟東公司正式擴展到中國東莞地區,興建壹間達40萬平方呎的工廠。在一九九六年十二月, 東莞啟東也榮獲英國BASEC機構頒發ISO9002認証証書。目前, 啟東公司擁有美國UL、英國BASEC和LPCB認証。2007年獲得環保14001認証。

本港更荷蒙各大公共機構採用, 如中華電力有限公司, 盈科電訊有限公司, 香港建築拓展處, 香港政府機電處, 香港房屋委員會及各大著名建築和電梯工程公司等。2009年開展風力電纜。