Keystone Corporate History
August 1969 Founded Keystone Industrial Co., Ltd. By Mr. Ching-Sum Yu at 19 Ta Yip Street, Kowloon.
April 1974 Moved to 59 Hung To Road, Total Factory Space 27,000 sq.ft.
May 1978 Bought first piece of land, area 32,000 sq.ft. for Fanling future expansion (now note as Fanling Cable Factory)
March 1979 Obtained license from UL and CSA tp produce appliance wire, radio-circuit wire, flexible card and power supply card set.
April 1980 Bought second piece of land in Fanling established Fanling factor to produce PVC compound and telecommunication cable. Total floor area 16,000 sq.ft.
November 1981 Obtained Hong Kong Q-Mark License for BS6004 power cable.
April 1984 Established Keystone Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd.
October 1990 Sign the letter of intent and agreement to purchase the adjacent land of Fanling Cable Factory Site to make the total land area to be approximately 120,000 sq.ft.
January 1991 Sign Joint Venture and Technical Assistance Agreement with Phelps Dodge Corporation, USA.
June 1991 Rod Breakdown Machine in operation in Fanling Cable Factory Site.
December 1993 Awarded ISO 9002 Quality Management System by British approvals Service for Cables (BASEC)
February 1994 Awarded Product Certificates in compliance to British Standards under Product Certification Scheme of BASEC
March 1994 Official BASEC Certificates Presentation Ceremony
November 1995 Dongguan Keystone Factory Building complete construction
March 1996 Dongguan Keystone Factory commence production.
December 1996 Dongguan Keystone was awarded ISO 9002 certification from BASEC, UK
March 1997 Dongguan Keystone was awarded Productcertification from BASEC, UK
Mid 2004 Dongguan Keystone was expand another 100,000squre feet for MV cable product
Late 2005 The medium voltage cables were productedand performance validated by KEMA 
December 2007 Dongguan Keystone was awarded ISO 14001 certification from China Quality Certification Center.
August 2009 30KV Rubber Cable for winfarm was successfully manufactured


八月 1969 于靜深先生成立「啟東實業有限公司」位於大業街19號
四月 1974 搬往鴻圖道58號, 擁有2萬7仟平方呎
五月 1978 買入第一塊地, 佔地3萬2仟平方呎位於粉嶺, 以便將來發展
三月 1979 榮獲美國UL及加拿大CSA電線品質檢定證書, 包括UL1015, UL1007, 多芯軟電線, 及電線插頭
四月 1980 買入粉嶺另一塊地, 以便發展, 生產PVC膠粒及生產室內通訊電線佔地壹萬六千呎
十一月 1981 榮獲香港品質標誌(HKQ-MARK)證書定本廠所生產之BS6004電纜
四月 1984 成立啟東電線電纜有限公司
十月 1990 購入粉嶺電纜廠隔壁的地皮, 佔面積約12萬平方呎
一月 1991 正式與美國, 菲爾普斯.導奇簽合作與技術轉讓協議書
六月 1991 第一台8mm拉銅機條啟用
十二月 1993 榮獲英國特許電業測試局(BASEC)批核ISO9002國際品質系統證書
二月 1994 榮獲BASEC批核電纜品質標誌
三月 1994 BASEC在香港舉行啟東頒證典禮
十一月 1995 東莞廠房正式建成
三月 1996 東莞廠投產
十二月 1996 東莞榮獲BASEC批核ISO9002國際品質系統證書
三月 1997 東莞榮獲BASEC批核電線品質標誌
2004年中 東莞廠東擴建100,000平方英尺中壓電纜廠房
2005年底 中壓電纜廠房投產並獲KEMA認證
十二月 2007 東莞榮獲中國質量認證中心ISO14001 環境管理系統證書
八月 2009 成功開發風力發電配套30KV橡膠電纜